How We’re Handling COVID-19*

March 13, 2020

*With the caveat that we’re all figuring this out together. Officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, COVID-19 has created a public health emergency around the world and pressed the need for a coordinated, cohesive response to minimize impact at the individual and societal level. Within this context, OneEleven plays a role in the health and well being of its team and community: 55 companies who collectively employ more than 1,000, working within a shared, 125,000 square foot facility. OneEleven’s initial response was to work in tandem with its building manager, Oxford Properties, to prioritize the health and well being of our members and all those accessing the building. Focusing on increased cleaning of high trafficked areas as well as ensuring our facilities are well stocked with soap and cleaning supplies. We have also worked to provide a calm, rational, responsive and science-led decision making process, proactively sharing team and overall protocol and maintaining clear communication. As many our our companies enact Work from Home protocol, we’ve shifted into a similar protocol for our core team. The OneEleven facility will remain open and accessible, and individual companies will ensure staff who would like to work within the space can do so. The safety of our community, along with the directive from Public Health to assist in “flattening the curve” of social spread where possible, have been our guiding principles in shifting to this next step. Frequent communication to the OneEleven community will continue as well as with other tech leaders, and our plans will be updated and shared on Freshdesk moving forward. Programming at OneEleven is an important part of supporting our community, but we want everyone to be comfortable at any given event. We cancelled and rescheduled some events, and will be assessing our calendar on a week by week basis. We’ve also made changes such as ensuring food and beverage options are single-serve, accelerated cleaning and communication to participants, and monitoring attendance and engagement within the framework of a larger public health context. We will also be treating our vendors with care, ensuring we pay kill fees and attempt to lessen the impacts on the service and other industries that are a part of our ecosystem as well. Good communication is key in these developing situations, and we encourage you to work to control the spread of information just as you work to control the spread of germs. When news is as frequently breaking and unprecedented as it is now, it is also important to occasionally remove yourself from what may feel like an overwhelming cycle. Take a breather by stepping outside, connecting with friends and loved ones, and treating your mental health with the same close attention we are currently paying to our physical selves. Kindness and patience can go a long way in times of crisis, and there are ways you can support those in more precarious situations. Consider donating to shelters or crisis centres in the city, call the elderly or more susceptible people in your life to check in. For those who are able, tip generously those who are engaged in gig or precarious employment. Events like COVID-19 can make us feel anxious and isolated, it’s important to look out for each other to maintain a sense of community and support.


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