OneEleven is back, but what’s new?

June 22, 2021

OneEleven is back. In the latest episode of the BetaKit podcast, OneEleven Managing Director Matthew Lombardi talks about rebuilding the beloved scaleup accelerator, which shut down at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020. Here is a sneak peek into the conversation that took place during the podcast. How is OneEleven different this time? OneEleven has always been a community of fast-growing post-seed companies under the roof of a great collision space. But those collisions are more difficult under the current pandemic circumstances. So we have had to rethink how we provide value to our member companies in terms of unlocking access to a highly curated peer network, on-demand services, and all of the other support members have come to expect. All innovation is borne of necessity, and COVID has been a forcing function for us to evolve OneEleven’s offering. Check out the pod to learn more! What is the future of OneEleven? We’ve found an underserved niche where we think we can be the absolute best at helping scaleups grow fast: upskilling their key managers — the people going from individual contributors to team leaders at the post-seed stage of rapid growth. We’re curriculum-izing supports for those folks, and doing it in a way that makes sense for our members. We aim to become the place where the most promising post-seed, data-driven technology companies in Canada want to be, not just because we’re a well-curated collision space, but because we help companies get the most out of their talent!  


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