TRIYO Launches Unique Collaboration Software to Meet Work Paradigm Needs

June 22, 2021

There have been a lot of questions around whether the working model for workplaces has changed permanently, as the world begins to contemplate what the long journey back to ‘normality’ will look like. The situation demands a solution that is unique to the evolved needs of hybrid workplaces. “There is no doubt that the workplace, as we know it, has evolved,” says Rajiv Chatterjee, Co-Founder and CEO of project management and collaboration disruptor, TRIYO, which has been making waves in the fintech industry since the beginning of the lockdown, just over a year ago.  With the advent of distributed teams and hybrid workplaces, corporations needed a real solution which allowed their teams to work together from anywhere across the globe, as if they were in the same room. Based on the demand for this product over the past year, TRIYO seemed to be the right fit. “We have innovated collaboration in the fintech and legal industries like it’s never been done before. Leveraging the concept of API economy, we allow task owners to assign parts of documents to various team members, all from within the core document itself. These can be edited in parallel and reviewed in real-time with one-click merge, notifications & approvals,” Puneet Malhotra, Co-Founder of TRIYO, explained. “Because of the unique manner in which TRIYO allows this to take place, 80% of users never need to log onto the TRIYO platform, which has a significant effect on the product’s uptake. The product demo is really impressive,” he continued. TRIYO has picked up significant traction in the short time. Currently, it has already signed up a number of clients including one of the largest financial institutions in Canada and is currently running proof of concepts in multiple continents as well.  “We feel we are developing something really special and quite unique here at TRIYO and have been able to show that it increases user productivity by approximately 25%,” said Chatterjee and added “we are really excited about our expansion, and we know that given the current trend for virtual and blended workplaces, the opportunities for TRIYO are endless and this is merely the beginning.” About TRIYO TRIYO was founded on the premise that in the age of distributed teams there exists a need for a platform that allows seamless collaboration across teams, regions, and organizations without having to introduce new tools and methods of working. The founding team, with in-depth expertise in document collaboration tools and technology as well as the inner workings and challenges of investment banking, set out to create a solution for the financial services vertical. We are passionate about creating a digital co-working space that is transparent, fully integrated with users’ daily use applications and simplifies collaboration across large teams and complex work processes. Our team set out to create such a platform in-house. We are proud of our team and their commitment to deliver an enterprise grade platform that is truly unique.


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