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October 3, 2019

Uppercase is a full-service real estate company that uses technology to help high growth retail brands establish a brick and mortar presence quickly and efficiently by using data powered decisions. With a mission to help brands grow their business through a real-world presence, Uppercase technology makes the experience of opening stores fast, convenient, and transparent. The co-founder and CEO Yashar Nejati has founded and exited a CPG food start-up and is an active advisor and mentor to young entrepreneurs. Welcome to the Community! Launch a pop up shop here. 

OneEleven Partners with Microsoft for Startups

This week OneEleven announced an exciting new partnership with Microsoft for Startups. This partnership will deliver the benefits of the Microsoft for Startups offer to eligible OneEleven members, including up to $120,000 in free Azure credits, as well as enterprise grade technical support and development tools. Dedicated resources will also be available to prepare marketing and sales teams to effectively sell their cloud solutions to enterprise organizations in partnership with Microsoft’s global sales organization and partner ecosystem. It will also bring MFS qualified programs, advisory and support into OneEleven’s 110,000 square foot Toronto facility and drive collective efforts to improve diversity and inclusion, as well as increase visibility of underrepresented founders, including the continuation and expansion of our Six Degrees of Difficulty series. “OneEleven plays a significant role in the startup ecosystem in Toronto and across Canada, helping local companies build to scale with a focus on growth, investment capital and best-in-class partners,” says Adam Nanjee, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups Canada. “We look forward to working with them to support, build and accelerate Canada’s startup community.” “Microsoft is an ideal partner for OneEleven as we help Toronto technology companies grow. They understand the promise of tech is about more than just new tools, it’s about unlocking new opportunities and markets, and supporting new approaches and new leaders,” says Siri Agrell, Executive Director, OneEleven Toronto. “I look forward to working closely with them as we continue to scale our OneEleven member companies and the broader Toronto sector.”

Properly Join the Alumni Community

OneEleven is officially welcoming Properly to our alumni community! Properly offers a new way to sell your home. Using an algorithm to determine the market value of a home, properly makes an initial offer to buy the property directly from the homeowner within 48 hours, and the whole process can be completed in a week, with the seller setting the closing date. Properly has grown quickly since joining OneEleven in February of 2018, and most recently raised a $22 million series A. We are excited to follow their journey as they continue to disrupt the real estate industry. Sell your house here.

Scale Without Borders Launch

A packed house at MaRS this past Thursday evening, marked the official launch of #scalewithoutborders. The launch event welcomed the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship and the Mayor of Toronto, John Tory who delivered official remarks to inaugurate this new initiative. The event shed light on leading tech entrepreneurs who have come to Canada as immigrants, and featured Canada’s leading ecosystem players in support of newcomer tech entrepreneurs. “Newcomer tech entrepreneurs bring new ideas, diverse perspectives, and create jobs. And Canada is home to an abundance of resources for tech entrepreneurs,” says Nouhaila Chelkhaoui, Founder of Scale Without Borders. “Its favourable immigration policy also makes it attractive to the brightest tech entrepreneurs out there. There isn’t a better time to support newcomer tech entrepreneurs.” Learn more here.


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