OneEleven alumni cross the USD $2-billion mark in collective funds raised

September 17, 2021

Eight years after its founding, alumni of OneEleven have raised a total of over USD $2 billion in collective funds. Our top fifteen highest-funded alumni have accounted for a significant amount of this growth. This list includes Wealthsimple, Clio, Koho, Borrowell, Jobber, Rubikcloud, Maple, Tulip, Gatik, and more. The support that OneEleven provided early in our journey was a key part of Gatik’s success in Canada, and we’re delighted to be part of this milestone,” said Gautam Narang, CEO and Co-Founder of alumni company Gatik, which closed a raise of USD $85M in August, after graduating from OneEleven in December of 2020. Gatik is a Toronto-based autonomous trucking startup that previously held space at OneEleven.   Since reopening in October 2020, our current member companies have raised an additional CAD $171M+ in follow-on funding — on top of this USD $2B raised by alumni —  including most recently a Series B round by Blue J Legal, and a Series C round by Affinity. The investments have been from a variety of sources, including equity crowdfunding, government grants, pitch competition awards, and venture capital investments from the Series A to Series C-stage and beyond. “We’re so proud of our members, and equally proud of how our alumni continue to give back to the community,” said OneEleven Managing Director Matthew Lombardi.  Today, OneEleven provides a curriculum-based talent upskilling program for entrepreneurs, and puts on events for its community and the wider tech sector, offering peer groups and skills-building workshops, a mentorship program, investor showcases, health and wellness initiatives, and more. It has used the pandemic and its inherent limits on density to reimagine how it adds unique value to scaling companies, building a first-of-its-kind-in-Canada program around talent upskilling for entrepreneurs, in the form of curriculum-based learning. 


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